OSH Gone B’Gosh!

Orchard Supply Hardware is closing it’s doors.  I find this incredibly sad.  It was purchased by Lowe’s some time back and Lowe’s has decided to shutter all the OSH stores.  I’ve been shopping at our local OSH for 30 years, ever since we moved to this dusty town.  I went to the store this morning to see what was left.  Everything is 40-60% off but there wasn’t much left.  I saw a few long-time employees slowly dismantling the shelving and one cashier surfing her iPhone.  It was a sad sight.  I turned around and walked out.  I’ll miss you OSH.  Say hello to Sears when you see it in the land of broken dreams.


Celebrating 31-derful Years!

It’s not our wedding anniversary for another couple weeks but I decided to go ahead and book a trip for my wife and I to Las Vegas to see The Moody Blues.  What’s left of them anyway.  There are only 3 surviving members that I know of and one, the drummer was ill and couldn’t be at the show.  That left the two lead guys.

Anyway, even though these dudes are in their 70’s they can still rock it!  We wanted to see them because their song “Your Wildest Dreams” is “our song”.  When we were dating it seemed to play on the radio every time we were together so we have fond memories of that song.

That was then… this is now:

We walked back to our hotel afterwards and pretty much collapsed.  It was a long day.  A seven hour drive followed by a concert, yeah, time for some sleep!

The next day we just kind of wandered around.  We got breakfast at Starbucks over at Ceaser’s Palace.  Cristy browsed the shops at Ceaser’s and kicked back and surfed my phone.

We decided to walk down the strip for lunch.  We made our way to Urban Eats down at New York New York.  We got there via what I like to call urban orienteering.  Meaning, we went from casino to casino walking through the middle of the buildings rather than just down the side walk.  It took all morning and we were pretty hungry by the time we got to the restaurant.  Plenty tired too.

I didn’t get any pictures of our walk but I did get this movie of a chocolate fountain inside The Bellagio…

After having lunch we were too tired to walk back so we grabbed a Lyft ride back to our hotel.  We napped and watched movies all afternoon.  It was awesome.

Later that evening we walked back over to The Bellagio for dinner.  I had always wanted to see the water fountain at night so this was my chance.  We had dinner at another sushi place.  We shocked the waitress when we asked her if we could pray for her.  She almost didn’t know what to say but she did make a small request so we lifted that up to God in prayer for her.  Dinner was VERY good and afterwards we made our way out to watch the fountain show…

Afterwards it was back to our hotel to relax before our long drive home the next morning.  At least… relaxing was the plan.  We fell asleep around 11pm or so.  At about 1am our next door neighbor came home incredible drunk and incredibly loud.  And he brought friends!  They were so loud it sounded like they were in our room!  We tried to ignore them because after all, it was Las Vegas on a Saturday night.  But finally at 3am we couldn’t stand it any more and called the front desk.  About 30 minutes later all was quiet and we finally fell asleep.

There was nothing special about the long drive home so no pictures or description.  But despite the final night’s setback we really enjoyed our anniversary trip.  Every year with this woman just gets better!

Time Off From Work

I’ve taken the latter part of this week off from work.  I definitely need it.  The pas few days I’ve been doing my best to practice for retirement.  Though as you can see from my countdown ticker it’s still several years away.  I got up before the sun each morning, hitch up my trailer and drove out to New Jerusalem Airport.  Both days the air was smooth and nice.   I guess the wind thought I was at work.  The P3 performed flawlessly, the engine never stuttered or skipped a beat.  Two days in a row I flew past a local elementary school and got the kids all excited.  They were jumping up and down and waving.  I waved back of course.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be just sitting up in the air in a comfortable chair watching all the commuters rush to work, watching food being harvested, watching life from above.

Yesterday I a local balloonist was out as well.  It’s always fun to watch them set up and launch.  It’s the only aircraft that is more trouble to set up than my own.


I’ll leave you with a few more photos of the past few days.

Happy landings everyone!


Is It For Sale Or Not??

I’ve been flying my P3 more now that I have it up for sale.  Or is it for sale?  I was going to take it off the market and keep it but there has been a sudden interest in it from a few different parties.  In fact, this caused some confusion on the part of the good folks at Six Chuter but all is well now.  So if the sale falls through with these new folks, then I will OFFICIALLY take it off the market in every way shape and form and just sell the trailer.  But know this potential buyers; it’s not going to sit and collect dust!

Here’s a video of this past Saturday’s flight.  What a great morning!

More Air!

It’s Labor Day weekend here in the USA.  I’ve been blessed to be able to fly this morning and a wonderful flight it was!  The air was cool and calm.  I flew “feet off” meaning I didn’t have to do much steering; just point it in the direction I wanted to go and then rest my feet on the bars.  Here is a quick video clip recapping this morning’s flight.

I’ll be back at it again tomorrow morning!  Happy Labor Day!


What’s the significance of 40?  That’s how may pounds I’ve lost!  I started changing my eating in December of 2017 and as of August 31, 2018 I’ve lost 40 lbs!  That’s about 2.9 stones for our British friends!  This isn’t a diet.  It’s a lifestyle change and has to be lifelong for me to keep the weight off.

So my rate of weight loss is 3 to 4 lbs per month.  So at the 1 year mark I expect to have lost 52 lbs!  Let’s hope!

Pattern Work Before Work

Winds were forecast to be calm(ish) on Friday morning so I decided to try to get in a little flying before work.  I didn’t have much gas and I didn’t have much time but there was just enough of both for me to get in 4 circuits around the runway.  I was a little dubious about the visibility but again there was enough to fly safely.

I was up at 5am without the alarm.  I took that as a sign that I should go ahead and hitch up the trailer and head out to New Jerusalem.  I headed west out of town on a dark country road.  Then pulled into Friday commuter traffic on a dark country highway.  They are all driving to the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’m only driving to New Jerusalem.  No hurry.  They can all cut each other off and drive like lunatics.  I take my time.  Turned right onto another country road.  A short time later I turn on the the dirt farm road that leads to the gates of New Jerusalem.  No literally.  There is a fence around the New Jerusalem airport.  Luckily the good folks at the City of Tracy shared the combination to the lock so we can get in and enjoy this little gem of an airport.

I parked, put up the wind sock, unloaded the P3 and started the engine so it could warmimg_20180824_064059 up.  It was really chilly this morning.  It felt and looked more like winter than August.  I got into my ski pants while the engine warmed up.  I could just make out the sun as it started to rise.  The haze was really thing this morning.  A combination of smoke and fog.

After warming up the engine and doing a run-up I taxied the P3 about halfway down the taxiway and setup for takeoff.  There was  a light wind blowing but it was straight down the taxiway.  I started the take off roll, waited for the parachute to settle down, and then applied full throttle and gently started climbing skyward.

I flew about 4 circuits and the landed to pack up and head to work.  The rest of the story is pretty boring so I’ll just leave with a short video of a portion of today’s flight.