Saw this exchange on a news article comment feed…

Commentator 1: Homeless people need love too. (offensive comment deleted) when you live on the street and your hygiene is worse than my shih tzu’s?

Commentator 2: (More offensive comment deleted).   Also, apostrophe foul.

Commentator 1: Ewww! Never! Yuck. But I do let the homeless pet my shi tzu. They love dogs and my dog doesn’t seem to mind them & if it brings them a moment of happiness or escape from their lives, then it’s worth it. Of course, my dog sniffs other dogs butts, so I’m sure my dog is enjoying the interaction 😊
Commentator 2:
Second apostrophe foul. Keep this up and you and your dog will be ejected from the game.
Don’t know why but the whole punctuation foul thing just really tickled my funny bone.  Have a great weekend y’all.

Airframe Done

When I purchased my powered parachute it was purchased as a rolling airframe, meaning, it was completely assembled and on wheels except for the engine and instruments.  When I ordered it I asked for a few changes like thicker (turf) tires, and a front wheel brake.  Well the factory is finally done with the additions I asked for and it is ready for pickup.  Here are a few pictures that were posted in the company’s Facebook group…

I’ll be driving up to the factory to pick it up at the end of the month.  Stay tuned for more photos and the completion log.


Starter Install

When I build aircraft I like to do one small thing a day.  This is what got me through the RV-4 build and the Rans S6 build.  So that’s what I did today.  Today’s task was to install the starter.  It’s not the final installation but just to plug the hole in the engine.


Ultra-Prop Propeller Assembly

I guess yesterday was really the start of the build log for the Six Chuter P3 Lite PPC but today was the first day I put something together.  I ordered a 4-bladed prop to provide a little more thrust to help offset the bigger tires and the weight they will add.  When the prop arrives it needs assembly.  The four blades have to be installed to the prop hub along with the blocks that set the pitch of the propeller.


IMG_20170312_182700Assembly is super easy.  Put 8 bolts (with washers) through one of the prop hub halves, lay the pitch blocks in, lay the prop blades in, more pitch blocks, and then the other prop hub half.  Add 8 nylock nuts and washers and torque to 120 inch lbs.  Done!


PPC Engine Unboxing

I finally got around to unboxing the engine I received on Friday.  It was a pleasant distraction given the bad news I received this morning.  It is exciting in that I can see tangible proof that my powered parachute is almost ready for me to pick up and start assembling.  Luckly the folks at Six Chuter have already built the airframe up and it’s already on wheels.  So they’ve saved me a ton of work.

Here is the airframe… MY airfame. 🙂  It still has the small tires on it.  I’ve ordered turf tires for it which will be larger and make it safer to roll across rougher ground.  I’ll be driving up to the Six Chuter factory to pick it up in a few weeks.


The two boxes I received contained the engine, the propeller, the muffler, and assorted engine doo-dads like the starter, starter solenoid, and assorted engine gauges.

I did a quick inventory and everything seems to be there.  I’ll have to do a more thorough inventory in the coming days.  Still it was fun seeing the first pieces of my new aircraft on my workbench.

Blue Skies and Light Winds

This is not the post I wanted to write today.  I lost a very good friend today.  Leon was a huge part of our airport community and a very dear friend.  He always had a way of looking for the positives in a negative situation.  He has helped or offered to help me numerous times and was always there at the airport to talk to about my flying, life, and above all, Christ.

Leon was out flying his Challenger II airplane this morning when he collided with his own pickup truck upon landing and, tragically, died.  I would like to say that he died doing what he loved, but that would be overly trite and cliche.  What I will say instead is that he lived a full life.  A life of adventure and love and fellowship.  I take great comfort knowing that he is now more alive than he has ever been.

Our loss is Christ’s gain.  Blue skies, Leon.

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