20 Lbs Down

I hadn’t really wanted to chronicle my weight loss journey because I’ve been on these journeys so many times.  However, I’m at a minor milestone so I just wanted to mark the occasion.    Back in December I had decided I had finally had enough.   My feet were hurting (still are), clothing was not fitting correctly, and in fact it was becoming harder to find clothing.  My (overweight) doctor has been nagging me for years to lose weight.  I have lost weight before but for the wrong reasons (which I won’t go into) but I always gained it back.  This time, it was strictly for me.

So, again, back in December I changed my eating habits.  First of all, portion control.  Restaurants serve really BIG portions of food.  I tried to eat the vegetables first, and then the meats, and then the starches.  I tried to eat only until I didn’t feel hungry any longer and then stop.  Also, I did not limit the types of food I eat.  I hate diets where you can only eat this or that.   I eat whatever I want, just less of it.

Which brings me to the second change I made: I only ate when I felt hungry.  Meaning; when my stomach started to growl.  Eating on a schedule just doesn’t seem to work for me.  Rather, it works too well.  In other words, letting my body tell me when I was hungry rather than the clock.  The third major change was to cut out soda, period.  In fact all sugary drinks and fruit juices.  I still have fruit juice on occasion but I try to shoot for no more than once per week.

That’s pretty much it.  I haven’t really increased my exercise regimen at all, just trying to keep up the activity I engage in now.  All of this has had the net effect of helping me to lose 20 lbs as of yesterday.  I’ve gone down two pant sizes and about to have to buy the next size smaller.  Do I think this would work for everyone?  Nope.  But it’s working for me.  I don’t really have a target weight in mind but I’m going to keep this going for as long as it does NOT affect my health.  In fact I’m hoping it improves my health.  I have a lot of life planned for the future!


Congratulations to SpaceX!

This is one of the most awe-inspiring achievements since we launched men to the moon.  Congratulations to SpaceX and safe travels to Starman in his Tesla roadster!

Blasts From The Past

This past week I’ve had two different people from my past make contact with me.  An old neighbor spotted me on Facebook and reached out to me via Messenger.  We had a brief back and forth exchange and that was it.  The other was a coworker from a previous employer.  She added me on LinkedIn.  I reached out to her via LinkedIn’s messaging system and again, there was a brief exchange and that was it.

Kind of disappointing on both counts.  I would really like to reconnect with both these folk and see how their life is going but they seem content with just superficial contact.  They just wanted to know that I was still out there somewhere… and that’s it.  So much for social networking. 🙂

That’s okay.  I’m glad to know they’re both still out there somewhere too.

Life 3.0

Life 1.0 was pre-marriage.  Being born, growing up, going to school and college.  Life 2.0 was entering the workforce, marrying Cristy, buying a home, adjusting to each other.  Then came 2.1 and 2.2, my son and daughter.  Now that they have both more or less moved out we come to Life 3.0.  Empty nesters.

Should I feel guilty that I feel excited for my kids?  I’m excited they get to start experiencing the world on their own.  I think of all the adventures I had when I was my kids’ age and I can’t wait for them to begin their own.  I’m excited for them.

And I’m excited for Cristy and I.  We can start making plans for just ourselves again.  I love my children and I will always want them in my life.  But I love the life that Cristy and I can lead together now too.  And I can’t wait.


Saw this exchange on a news article comment feed…

Commentator 1: Homeless people need love too. (offensive comment deleted) when you live on the street and your hygiene is worse than my shih tzu’s?

Commentator 2: (More offensive comment deleted).   Also, apostrophe foul.

Commentator 1: Ewww! Never! Yuck. But I do let the homeless pet my shi tzu. They love dogs and my dog doesn’t seem to mind them & if it brings them a moment of happiness or escape from their lives, then it’s worth it. Of course, my dog sniffs other dogs butts, so I’m sure my dog is enjoying the interaction 😊
Commentator 2:
Second apostrophe foul. Keep this up and you and your dog will be ejected from the game.
Don’t know why but the whole punctuation foul thing just really tickled my funny bone.  Have a great weekend y’all.

Blue Skies and Light Winds

This is not the post I wanted to write today.  I lost a very good friend today.  Leon was a huge part of our airport community and a very dear friend.  He always had a way of looking for the positives in a negative situation.  He has helped or offered to help me numerous times and was always there at the airport to talk to about my flying, life, and above all, Christ.

Leon was out flying his Challenger II airplane this morning when he collided with his own pickup truck upon landing and, tragically, died.  I would like to say that he died doing what he loved, but that would be overly trite and cliche.  What I will say instead is that he lived a full life.  A life of adventure and love and fellowship.  I take great comfort knowing that he is now more alive than he has ever been.

Our loss is Christ’s gain.  Blue skies, Leon.

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