30 LBS Down

Happy to report that I am now 30 lbs lighter than I was back in December!  The weight initially came off quickly but has slowed down in the past month.  I’m fine with that as long as it’s a general downward trend!  I’m anxious to see what the total loss is when I reach the one year mark.


California CCW Reciprocity

Times have changed since I was first training to get a CCW here in my home county.  At that time, only Arizona honored a California-issued CCW.  Now almost half of the states in the US honor a California CCW.  However, California does not honor ANY other state’s CCW permit.  Hopefully this will change one day.



Map and statistics from Guns to Carry.



Resurrection Day Weekend

You call it Easter, I call it Resurrection Day.  We all celebrate Christmas as the be-all end-all day in the Christian faith but I believe it should be Resurrection Day.  The day my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ defeated death.   He paid the price for our sins once and for all.  If we believe that He died for our sins then all our sins are forgiven.  This sounds like mythical nonsense to the unbeliever, but to those who believe, it is our guarantee of our salvation.  Our guarantee of eternal life in the presence of our heavenly Father.

Okay, sermon over, pass the collection plates.

So how did we celebrate this Resurrection Day weekend?  Well Saturday morning I headed out to New Jerusalem and took a nice long flight in my powered parachute.  I didn’t take any video or pictures of the flight because sometimes I like to just live in the moment and enjoy it for myself.  I was joined by a powered paraglider pilot friend.  Always good to have company.

I flew around the San Joaquin river between Highway 132 and the City of Tracy here in California’s vast Central Valley.  The engine purred without any hiccup or flaw during the whole flight.  I kept my RPMs right at about 5400 RPM.  This put me in a slow climb.  I flew around for about 40 minutes enjoying the butter smooth air.  ZERO turbulence.  I made my way back to New Jerusalem airport.  Made one pass over the field to check my windsock and then set up to land.  I made a slow power-on approach and let my machine drift as far down the runway as it wanted to.  I wanted to make this landing a smooth one and I wasn’t disappointed.  I held in just a bit of brake pressure on the parachute and smoothly applied full brake just as the wheels were touching down.  I killed the engine and kept kicking the break pedals and the chute fell down behind me.  Perfect.   My PPG friend took another flight and I paused to watch a while before leaving.

I packed up and headed home to pick up Cristy so we could head up to Jack and Myrna’s place in the foothills, Red Hills Ranch.  This has become a tradition for Cristy and I.  On the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter/Resurrection Day they hold a potluck for family and friends.  When I had my airplane we would fly in but now we drive up.  Much easier on Cristy.



So here’s something for people who know about flowers.  I know nothing about them.  So if you do, can you help me identify these?  They are EVERYWHERE up at Jack and Myrna’s ranch.


Flower 1 – What’s this?
Flower 2 – What are these?
Flower 3 – What’s this?
Flower 4 – The white ones, what are they?
Flower 5 – What are the bright pink ones?
Flower 6 – What are they?


Flower 7 – The purple ones with the white tips. What are they?

That’s it for the flowers.  Would love some help identifying them.

We enjoyed our time up with the Moyle’s.  We’re always treated like family.  Can’t wait to visit again.

Sunday morning we all got up and went to sunrise service then later in the morning we picked up our son and brought him to the 11:30am service.  Cristy made ham, potatoes, and green beans and for dessert, apple cobbler!


All in all a wonderful weekend and a wonderful way to celebrate our Savior’s victory.  I hope your weekend was as good or better.



20 Lbs Down

I hadn’t really wanted to chronicle my weight loss journey because I’ve been on these journeys so many times.  However, I’m at a minor milestone so I just wanted to mark the occasion.    Back in December I had decided I had finally had enough.   My feet were hurting (still are), clothing was not fitting correctly, and in fact it was becoming harder to find clothing.  My (overweight) doctor has been nagging me for years to lose weight.  I have lost weight before but for the wrong reasons (which I won’t go into) but I always gained it back.  This time, it was strictly for me.

So, again, back in December I changed my eating habits.  First of all, portion control.  Restaurants serve really BIG portions of food.  I tried to eat the vegetables first, and then the meats, and then the starches.  I tried to eat only until I didn’t feel hungry any longer and then stop.  Also, I did not limit the types of food I eat.  I hate diets where you can only eat this or that.   I eat whatever I want, just less of it.

Which brings me to the second change I made: I only ate when I felt hungry.  Meaning; when my stomach started to growl.  Eating on a schedule just doesn’t seem to work for me.  Rather, it works too well.  In other words, letting my body tell me when I was hungry rather than the clock.  The third major change was to cut out soda, period.  In fact all sugary drinks and fruit juices.  I still have fruit juice on occasion but I try to shoot for no more than once per week.

That’s pretty much it.  I haven’t really increased my exercise regimen at all, just trying to keep up the activity I engage in now.  All of this has had the net effect of helping me to lose 20 lbs as of yesterday.  I’ve gone down two pant sizes and about to have to buy the next size smaller.  Do I think this would work for everyone?  Nope.  But it’s working for me.  I don’t really have a target weight in mind but I’m going to keep this going for as long as it does NOT affect my health.  In fact I’m hoping it improves my health.  I have a lot of life planned for the future!

Blasts From The Past

This past week I’ve had two different people from my past make contact with me.  An old neighbor spotted me on Facebook and reached out to me via Messenger.  We had a brief back and forth exchange and that was it.  The other was a coworker from a previous employer.  She added me on LinkedIn.  I reached out to her via LinkedIn’s messaging system and again, there was a brief exchange and that was it.

Kind of disappointing on both counts.  I would really like to reconnect with both these folk and see how their life is going but they seem content with just superficial contact.  They just wanted to know that I was still out there somewhere… and that’s it.  So much for social networking. 🙂

That’s okay.  I’m glad to know they’re both still out there somewhere too.

Life 3.0

Life 1.0 was pre-marriage.  Being born, growing up, going to school and college.  Life 2.0 was entering the workforce, marrying Cristy, buying a home, adjusting to each other.  Then came 2.1 and 2.2, my son and daughter.  Now that they have both more or less moved out we come to Life 3.0.  Empty nesters.

Should I feel guilty that I feel excited for my kids?  I’m excited they get to start experiencing the world on their own.  I think of all the adventures I had when I was my kids’ age and I can’t wait for them to begin their own.  I’m excited for them.

And I’m excited for Cristy and I.  We can start making plans for just ourselves again.  I love my children and I will always want them in my life.  But I love the life that Cristy and I can lead together now too.  And I can’t wait.