Six Chuter P3 Lite

I’ve decided I need a more docile machine to fly.  The Nirvana is snappy and responsive… perhaps a little too much so for me.  I have therefore decided to get a powered parachute and sell the Nirvana.  So what is a P3 Lite?


It is a Far Part 103 legal single seat aircraft.  Like a PPG it uses a parachute to generate lift but the parachutes are markedly different.  A PPC parachute is squared off and not eliptical like  most PPG chutes are.  The due to the smaller spans and heavier vehicle weight the PPC is not as flighty in turbulence


Another aspect that I like is that I don’t have to strap in as tightly in the PPC as I did in the PPG.  One seat belt and two shoulder harnesses are all that’s required and they don’t have to be worn tightly.   In the PPG you have to first fly the wing, then steer the trike on the ground.  With the PPC,  the wing pretty much flies itself.  Just hold your ground speed down until it stabilizes and then slowly increase throttle.  Once in the air you steer with your feet rather than your hands.  I will LOVE LOVE LOVE this part!

The factory was already building one that is gloss black.  They’ve gone ahead and earmarked it for me.

The only differences in my PPC and the one pictured above is that I’ll have bigger tires and I won’t have the high backed bucket seat.  I’ll be using the turf tires pictured below.  I’ll also have a hydraulic disc brake which they don’t come standard.

I’ve also found that the wheelbase of the PPC is too wide for my trailer.  As chance would have it, the factory just happens to have two trailers that someone is trying to sell.  So I’ll be bringing back a trailer that I can use to permanently story my PPC in.  This will allow me to clear out even more of the garage.